We believe in honest and open, fun relationships with everyone that steps foot into our beautiful part of the world but with a service that’s kept with the highest professionalism. Its current owner, Roxanne Vorster, has a passion for horses hard to meet. That passion has never ceased to flow through all members of staff, stablers and students and is why Beau Chavel holds itself the highest of standards when it comes to accommodating horse and rider. Young and old, novice or advanced, we hope to create bonds that are not easily broken both with horses as well as with friends.

Based in a secure Landsmeer Estate with 30 high-end stables, open field paddocks, sand and grass arenas, lunge ring, galloping track, lock up tackroom, as well as a beautiful surrounding for outrides. There are ample facilities available to make horses comfortable, provide the right training to a student, give riders and horse owner’s peace of mind and also provide anyone a safe, fun and eye-catching place to learn and further practice.


Started in 2011, Beau Chavel Equestrian has been one of the premier horse riding, stabling, teaching and conditioning establishments in the Hartbeespoort area for all those in love with anything equine.

We have looked after horses, from all over the country, as well as across the breed range. Trained all disciplines of riders and done so with pride and passion in our hearts. Be it Colt or Stallion, Saddle or Thorough Bred, Novice or Advanced, Beau Chavel has always aimed for the highest quality of service and professionalism but also with the right mix of honesty and integrity to owners, riders and students alike.


Roxanne Vorster / Owner – Manager

Originally from Cape Town but this Gem of a Stable yard and Hartbeespoort stole my heart. I’ve been riding ever since the age of seven years but have loved it since I was three. These amazing animals are what I live and breath for, they are simply one of a kind. I put my heart into ensuring they all are in top condition and are always loved. Each horse at Beau Chavel is treated as an individual.

The Grooms: When it comes to looking after your horse and its needs, our grooms are trained with a high standard of professionalism in mind and work with a quality passed down from management and ownership to make sure your equine friend is cared for and catered for in all regards. From grooming to feeding, all aspects are covered with utmost reliability and responsibility to keep your horse looking good, feeling good and comfortable in its surroundings




1 Jan Smuts ave Landsmeer estate
Meerhof Hartbeespoort

phone: 27 76 939 1126
Open Today 8:00AM - 5:30PM


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