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The Relationship Between Humans and Horses

There is no doubt that humans and horses have a connection. Since the beginning of civilization, we have co-existed, in peace and in war. Horses have stood by our side in our most trying times, they have led us to victory on the battle field, they have celebrated our victories with us and they have died defending us.

“To ride a horse is to ride the sky” This quote brings to life the strange yet beautiful relationship humans have with horses. Our relationship with horses has varied throughout history depending on human needs. But is the horses’ ability to carry a human that has had the greatest impact on the relationship. Riding a horse has been a symbol of power the world over. A man mounted on a horse is bigger, not only in size, but in spirit. However, in modern times this relationship has changed. And this is because humans don’t need horses any more. With the invention of the motor car, horses are no longer the primary source of transport. Instead now Horses participate in sport and recreation. No longer must they carry us around, plough our fields or carry us into battle.

This is a fine tribute to man’s true best friend. We look upon them now with awe and admiration. Their beauty is something that is treasured. We thank all horses for the role they have played in carrying man through the ages, and now they have the greatest reward of living in peace.

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